Hi! My name is Tom Johnson.
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About Me

I have always been interested in computers - even since the days of 266Mhz Pentiums and 2MB of RAM. I first got interested in programming when I began playing around with a free CD from a PC game magazine. Having understood the fundamentals on DarkBasic I graduated to Visual Basic and then onto the web languages - finding acquisition of new constructs and languages progressively easier as time went on.

Even before my professional software development took off I appeared to be getting a lot of things right - I was offered a university scholarship by a company I had worked for to study computer science and return to work for them afterwards. I didn't take up the offer - preferring to study medicine (graduating from Newcastle Medical School in 2013), but always hoped I would one day be able to marry a medical career with something tech-based.

After freelancing in university for some extra pocket-money, I co-founded Medisense Medical Education in 2015. I had been asked to join in a technical capacity and jumped at the opportunity! We initially started with a website, followed by a further website and then onto mobile apps and bigger online packages. As the sole software developer I have responsibility for the entire stack - from server maintenance to front-end UI, whilst rolling-in as much exciting new concepts as possible.

Today I run four separate Medisense websites and two multi-platform mobile apps, comprising more than 250,000 lines of custom code. I have built professional websites for a handful of small businesses and charities and manage the server and backup infrastructure for all the projects.

Fluent Code In: XHTML, CSS, Javascript, XML, XSLT, SQL, PHP, C#.NET, VB.NET, Bash Script.

Regular Frameworks: SymphonyCMS, Wordpress, Bootstrap, RequireJS, JQuery.




Convert your specification into beautiful working software, or get in touch to discuss the most cost-effective way to build your project.




Life in a startup can be expensive! Bring your software development 'in house' to cut expensive overheads in exchange for equity.

Unique Insight

Combined first-hand medical insight with technical skills and experience.

This is what I love to do.


Web Development

Working with web frameworks or creating custom ones. Building custom APIs utilising cloud infrastructure to crunch data on the internet.

App Development

Creating and deploying high quality native apps for Android and iOS with detailed knowledge of their respective deployment pipelines.

Web Design

Translating concepts and images into web pages using industry-standard CSS frameworks. Creating mobile-ready websites for optimum display on smaller screens.

Social Media

Promotion of websites, concepts and products through social media (especially Twitter and Facebook) with knowledge of underlying algorithms and use of Gifs.


Product Development85%
Project Managment90%
Web Development95%
App Development95%
  • Medisense Medical Education

    2015 - Present

    Full-Stack Developer

    Development of the website on top of the Symphony CMS framework using MVC architecture with custom code and patches. Management of the server and backup functionality. www.medisense.org.uk

  • Doctree

    2016 - 2018

    Full-Stack Developer

    A custom software package utilising a secure database-backed storage system for user-submitted documents.

  • PatientSim.co.uk

    2017 - 2018

    UI and Backend Developer

    A custom backend and complex frontend UI producing a unique online patient simulator. Concepts and code have been presented at the international MedXEd conference. www.patientsim.co.uk

  • Tips For New Docs

    2017 - 2018

    GooglePlay & AppStore App Developer

    A multi-platform application build using the Adobe PhoneGap system deployed to GooglePlay and the AppStore. Tips for F1 Doctors starting on the wards.

  • Medical Revision Casebank

    2017 - Present

    GooglePlay & AppStore App Developer

    A multi-platform application build using the Adobe PhoneGap system deployed to GooglePlay and the AppStore. Over 100 cases for medical students studying for long cases.

  • Medical Classifier

    2017 - 2019

    Machine Learning Algorithm Developer

    A software API built on top of the MeSH medical library and utilising a custom machine-learning algorithm to categorise medical articles into their specialties. classifier.medisense.org.uk

  • Anaesthesia Learning in the North East

    2018 - Present

    Full-Stack Developer & Web Project Manager

    A website and backend CMS built from the ground-up to be secure and reliable. Associated management of the web project negotiating deadlines and a phased launch. www.a-line.org.uk

  • Rota Ninja


    Web Designer & Developer

    Rota Ninja uses a JQuery-based active front-end and PHP backend to parse a spreadsheet, process it and display a logbook summary smoothly with no page reloads. logbook.ninja

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